The Best Minds In Fitness Share With Me Their Secrets For Bio-Hacking Your Physiology, Melting Away Body Fat & Smashing Your Cycling Goals  
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8th - 9th December 2020
What Can You Expect To Learn
At The
Roadman Virtual Cycling Summit?
Bio-Hacking - Get The Edge 
You’ve heard of hacking computers, hacking smartphones and hacking email. You’ve even heard of hacking elections. But what about hacking your body? The concept is called biohacking. Biohacking is all about self-improvement. We show you how to incorporate biohacking the body and mind into your daily routine & training to help improve your cycling performance.
Getting To Race Weight & Maintaining That Weight 
There are so many confusing messages out there around getting to your optimum weight.  Not only do a lot of cyclists strive to lose a few kgs but struggle with fueling correctly for the demands of cycling.  These demands are very complicated.  We unpack how to nourish your body, fuel for training, lose weight and preform optimally for cycling with top experts. 

Mental Toughness & A Race Winning Mindset
One of the biggest failings for most competitors is not getting their mind right on race day. While physically you can be dialed in, not having the mind right too often leads to sub-par performances and disappointment.  We speak to top experts about preparing your mind for those big days whether it's a Cat 1 Race, a sportive or a challenge you have signed up for against your friends. 

The Roadman Virtual Summit speakers have been featured in...

Our Guest Expert Speakers
Jani Brajkovic
Professional Cyclist 
Coach, Nutrition & Training Expert 
Boomer Anderson 
Bio Hacking, Performance Optimization Expert
Pete Stetnia
Professional Cyclist 
Gravel & Endurance Riding Specialist
Tyler Hamilton 
The One And Only...Need We Say More? 
Kelly Murphy
Professional & Irish National Record Holder
Peter Ryan 
Paralympian & Motivational Speaker
Alan Davis
Former Pro Cyclist
Ed Veal
Coach & World Record Hour Holder, Mental Toughness Expert 
Breathe With Niall
Uses breath, nature & the Wim Hof Method to transform lives
Leah Headon 
Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching 
Brian Smyth
Former Olympian, British Road Champ & Eurosport Pundit
Alan Heary
Mindset, Motivation & Mentality Expert
Sebastian Webber
Sports Scientist, Inscyd Founder
Eric Glader
Co Founder Powerdot 
Performance & Recovery Specialist 
Imogen Cotter
Irish International Cyclist
Wade Lightheart
Sports Nutritionist, 3x All Natural Bodybuilding Champion, Co-founder  BioOptimizers
Scott Murphy
Physio For World Tour Team, Mitchelton Scott 

Gary McKeegan
Expert Coach & International Team Manager 
Olivia Dillion
Ex Irish National Champion, Velocio Cycling Kit 
Julie B Yoga
Yoga Professional, Specialist In Using Yoga For Performance In Sport 
Ger Redmond
Pro Triathlete & Mindset Expert

Derek Cullen
Adventurer, Expert In Hacking Environments To Achieve Happiness
Craig Geater
Mechanic - Mitchelton Scott Pro Cycling
John Phelan
Physiotherapist & Bike Fit Expert
Nicki Strobel
Chef To World Tour Team, Mitchelton Scott

The Happy Pear
Chefs & Lifestyle Experts 
Greg Swinand
Irish hour Record Holder 
Dustin Schaffer
Founder Pruvit Ketones 
Claire Walsh  
Irish Record Holder 
Free Diver

Your Summit Host

I Want Every Cyclist To Have Success In Their Sport 
Even With Full Time Jobs, 
Families And All The Other Demands Of Life.

I Want Every Cyclist To Have Success In Their Sport Even With Full Time Jobs, Families And All The Other Demands Of Life.

I Want Cyclists To Improve In All Aspects Of Cycling Even If They Don't Have 15+ Hours To Train.

I Understood The Difficulties Some Clients Have With Balancing Life, Stress, Fitness And Improving On The Bike. 

As A PROFESSIONAL, I Believe That It Is My Responsibility To Be The Expert, And I Have Gone To  EXTREME LENGTHS To Become The Person That People Could TRUST.

I Decided To Become The Foremost Authority On What It Meant To Balance Life And All It's Ups & Downs While Losing Weight And Getting Better On The Bike. 

I've taken the same discipline which brought me through Law School & into the top tier of cycling and applied it to helping our athletes change their lives.

I've been a contributory to all the biggest cycling publications in the world - Cycling News, Bike Radar, Cycling Weekly & Bicycling Magazine. Appearing on National & International broadcast networks.

Over the past 10 years coaching I've worked to bring World Class Sports Science and filter it down from the top levels of our sport, making it accessible for everyday riders
I've seen the power of smart training on ordinary guys and it's truly transformative.